Boiler, Furnace, Thermo Pack, Process, WetScrubber, Waste Incinerator.

Apply to the emission monitoring and process analysis of powerplant, cement, glass, limefactory, ceramicsfactory, sinter, coke oven, de-sulfurization, and de-nitration.


The SM-1 ON-LINE STACK OPACITY / SMOKE MONITOR is a Microprocessor based, PHOTOOBSCURITY monitor designed for the continuous monitoring of % OBSCURATION and calculated concentration in mg/m3,in chimneys and stacks.

The LIGHT SOURCE and PHOTO DETECTOR are mounted across the stack thusmonitoring smoke emissions in terms of % obscuration in the stack.This provides an aid to plant efficiency and safe guards you against illegal pollution ofthe atmosphere caused by excessive smoke and particulate matter discharge.The complete instrument comprises of the light source unit, the detector unit, thesignal processing unit and optionally an automatic air purge system.It is supplied with adjustable mounting fixtures.Special menu aids installer in aligning of detector with light source.